8 Tools to create success and happiness in your life. As Life Coaches, Chris and I always ask our clients: How do you define success? and, How do you define happiness?

8 Tools to Create Success and Happiness

Know this: You and ONLY you define what happiness and success means to you. Don’t let anyone else define it for you.

If you’re like most people, you’re probably still defining and viewing success based on an antiquated model that rarely, if ever, results in success or happiness.

This old model views success as a payoff. It is founded upon the premise that if you want success you will have to agree to and accept several fundamental rules to achieve what you want in your life.

The three false strategies to achieve success with the old model are:

1. I have to work hard to get what I want because nothing worthwhile is ever accomplished without hard work and struggle.

2. By working hard I will get the results I want and then I will be happy.

3. My success and happiness are based on accomplishments, accolades, titles after my name, deeds I perform and the accumulation of material objects.

Up until now, has your life been based on these three false strategies of the old model of success? Remember, a table with three legs can’t stand for very long!

This old model has one intrinsic flaw: its definition of success and happiness is rooted in two emotionally debilitating components of the human mind. They are seeking and searching. If you are always seeking and searching it is likely you are also suffering from stress and anxiety. This is what we call future addiction.

A good pictorial that can really assist you to see the insanity of this is to remind you of the image of a horse with a carrot dangling three feet in front of its face. The horse wants that carrot so desperately yet he cannot figure out that no matter how hard he tries, the carrot will always be three feet ahead of him.

Isn’t it time to give up this horseplay? Yes, there are successful people out there who follow the old model, or at least they appear to. However, Chris and I have mentored and known many financially successful people that truly understood the meaning of success and happiness. For them, hard work, struggle, status, and the accumulation of things, were not the driving forces behind their success and happiness.

During the ongoing process of our own personal transformations, we created a new model for success. We feel so strongly about this model that we can state with the deepest conviction: if society does not adopt this model, the future appears dim at best.

So, here’s the good news! The model for success that Chris and I have advocated and taught for the past two decades is what we call: Synergetic Success.

Synergy is defined as cooperation and collaboration; to work together as a team, creating even greater results than separate, individual effort.

Synergetic Success is a model based on a foundation of harmony and balance. This includes having harmonious relationships and balance in your interactions with other people as well as experiencing harmony and balance within yourself.

It is about being happier and more successful in several areas of your life, not just one or two. These areas are: career or life purpose, physical and emotional health, relationships, finances, and spirituality. It doesn’t mean you give up one for the other.

Chris and I have defined 8 essential tools that you can implement immediately to create Synergetic Success for your life. These are the key factors for the new model. Begin to use them today and witness dramatic change in your life personally and professionally.

8 Tools to Create Success and Happiness:

Success and Happiness Tool #1: Define and acknowledge what and who it is you want in your life!
We all know what we don’t want. It is always on the tip of our tongue and when given the chance we are likely to tell anyone who will listen to us whine about it. Be willing to shift your focus and define what it is you do want. Revive the power of your imagination you had as a child. Start dreaming again! Don’t leave this world with your music still inside of you!

Success and Happiness Tool #2: Know and acknowledge who you are at your core!
Who you likely think you are is a misperception based on a bundle of thoughts, beliefs, ideas and conceptualizations you live by that are based on past experiences. Ponder this thought: You have based your entire life up until now on situations you’ve encountered and experienced; however, is this who you are?

Success and Happiness Tool #3: Believe anything is possible!
By changing your thoughts, beliefs, and habits you can change your situations and experiences thus causing you to achieve the results you want. Create a new identity. When your thoughts, beliefs and habits are in alignment with your desires, miracles happen!

Success and Happiness Tool #4: Know your purpose!
Each of our lives contains two purposes: an inner purpose and an outer purpose. For you and me, our inner purpose is the same: to awaken and contribute in some way to the elevation and evolution of humankind. For all of us, the outer purpose can change or remain constant over a lifetime. Unlike your inner purpose, which is a state of being and awakening, your outer purpose requires what we call ‘inspired action.’ Aligning your inner and outer purposes is the key to creating success with our new model.

Success and Happiness Tool #5: Become aware of your inner self!
Thinking is not mankind’s greatest capacity or achievement. Awareness is! Awareness takes you beyond thought. It makes you conscious. You awaken through awareness. The process of awareness requires due diligence on your part. It becomes a new habit for creating success. Awareness allows you to see that your thoughts, beliefs and emotions have controlled you up until this point in time. Through awareness, you have the power to change the results you achieve.

Success and Happiness Tool #6: Take full responsibility for your life!
Know this simple, yet profound fact: you cannot create what you want, be on purpose, and have conscious awareness without the willingness to take complete responsibility for your own life. Ask yourself: who and what am I absolutely, without question, responsible for? You will tremendously simplify your life when you answer this question honestly.

Success and Happiness Tool #7: Know you have the will and ability to choose differently! 
The gift we all have as humans is free will. This is the capacity to make choices in any given moment. If you don’t like the results in your life, begin to make different choices.

Success and Happiness Tool #8: Decide to be happy!
A decision is a choice. Happiness is a choice that is at your disposal. It is an inside job. This is intrinsic to our success model because happiness, like success, is at the level of being and feeling. At times, it may not feel like happiness is a choice – we all have those bad days or difficult periods in our lives. However, each day, reach for a better feeling thought. It takes baby steps but it can be done.

You now have 8 tools to implement to create more success and happiness in your life. Remember, success is a process, not a payoff, which means you are currently somewhere in the process. By following and using these tools you can certainly speed up the process of success for your life.

As Master Life Coaches, Chris and I always say: you can either commit to creating success and happiness that feels right for you now, or postpone it to later. The choice is yours. I suggest, choosing it now! You’ll enjoy your life a whole lot more! Contact us and we will assist you to create more happiness and success for your life and on your own terms.

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Jon Satin and Chris Pattay – The Possibility Coaches™
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