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"The true indicator of a life well-lived is not about what you are doing or where you are going; it's about how far you've come from yesterday to today"

- Jon and Chris

Quantum Leap 180° Coaching Program with Jon and Chris

What is the Quantum Leap 180° Program?

The Quantum Leap 180° Program is a series of one-on-one personalized coaching sessions with either by Jon or Chris. During these coaching sessions, Jon or Chris will assist you to experience:

  • Freedom from the rut you are in and gain a new outlook on your growth.
  • More confidence to pursue your own vision of success and happiness.
  • A more enriched life with deeper meaning and purpose.
  • Improved relationships, especially the one with yourself.
  • New ways to lead an authentic life, resulting in feeling at ease with who you are.
  • A greater sense of accomplishment that takes your life to the next level.
  • An enhancement of your self-esteem and healthier connections with others.
  • A greater level of passion for making a positive difference in the world.

Why is the Quantum Leap 180° Program so Powerful?

The power of this coaching program is its focus on transformation from the inside-out. Creating positive change is a process that requires courage to acknowledge and feel fears, and to rise above and transcend them. The program aims to guide you towards higher levels of achievement, happiness, and well-being.

Jon and Chris believe that you already have the answers within you but may struggle to consciously access them.

They use specific questions as triggering mechanisms to help you access these hidden answers and create solutions. By implementing their Consciousness Awakening Techniques™, you can gain a new perspective on life and relationships.

Who is the Quantum Leap 180° Program for?

The program is suitable for individuals who are ready to create more joy, balance, inner peace, and success, and have the courage to transform themselves into the best version of themselves. This coaching program is positioned as a significant investment in yourself, with the assurance that Jon and Chris have experienced similar challenges and know how to guide you towards your desired outcomes.

Imagine yourself six months from now. Where do you want to be? How do you want to feel? If changing the quality of your life is important to you and you desire a complete transformation, then Jon and Chris are the right coaches for you. They will guide you in creating greater success and help you become the best version of yourself. Making this investment with someone who understands your journey and knows how to accelerate your progress is a wise decision.

Ready for Your Transformation?

Jon and Chris offer virtual coaching services worldwide. Daytime and evening hours are available. 

Since they personally coach each client, their schedule is limited. They can only select a few clients to collaborate with each month.  Contact them to have a conversation and see if you and they are a fit to work together.

They are professionally trained, certified and experienced Life and Relationship Coaches, Business Coaches, and Success and Transformation Coaches. ​​They also conduct workshops, seminars, retreats, and online classes.

Before committing to the Quantum Leap Coaching Program it was challenging for me to see myself in a positive light. It was difficult for me to prioritize what was truly important to me in both my personal and professional lives. I knew I wanted my life to change but I did not know how to go about doing it. Once I made the commitment, my life began to change. Coaching assisted me to realize that I am worth more, and it was time for me to finally be happy with myself and focus on what is important to me. I also learned how to prioritize time for myself, create healthier habits, and allow love into my life.

I believe, when there is a commitment, the Quantum Leap Coaching Program can transform and awaken anyone into the person they are meant to be. I could not have made the bold choices and life changes necessary without the guidance of The Possibility Coaches."

- Angela Reckner, Administrative Director for the Office of the President Delaware Valley University

*One hour virtual coaching sessions. Sessions are determined in advance between the coach and the client.  Possibility Coaches is 100% committed to your coaching appointment. It is important for you to be 100% committed to your coaching appointment. When you reserve a coaching appointment, understand that you have purchased a coaching time slot. It is your responsibility to show up and be on time for your appointment. Any changes made to your coaching appointment must be made by phone at least 24 hours prior to your scheduled appointment. Possibility Coaches provide life-changing tools and techniques for personal growth and self-empowerment, however, they are not intended to be a substitute for medical care. If you are dealing with any sort of mental or emotional disorder we suggest you consult your physician and utilize our programs with their supervision. Purchasing The Quantum Leap 180 Coaching Program implies that you have read and agree to this disclaimer.