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Success Stories with The Possibility Coaches

Let Jon and Chris assist you to become the next success story!

"You may be searching for guidance in a very confusing world.... "marriage counselor," "how can I build my business?" and/or navigating life's changes brought by death, children going off to college, or after a divorce. If any of this applies to you, I highly recommend you schedule a call with Jon and Chris of the Possibility Coaches. While working with them to untangle one issue it quickly became clear how the tools they were teaching me could be applied to all other areas of my life. Their work is centered in deep compassion and respect for individual circumstances. Then, using your goals they guide you on a path filled with inner peace, wisdom, acceptance and understanding - which they help you apply to your marriage, parenting, business, life, and all other relationships."

- Jennifer L. Gardella, PhD, President: The Gardella Group

"Progressive thinking is the future of the human race and our own personal evolution. Jon Satin and Chris Pattay of Possibility Coaches are incredible mentors who help guide your thinking in all areas of your life. Whether it be personal, business or relationships, they will help you work through all your troubles and mental blocks. I started my coaching sessions with the Possibility Coaches during a rough time in my life when there were a lot of changes and transitions happening all at once. All of this brought about a lot of stress and anxiety. Working with Jon Satin and Chris Pattay assisted me through this period, kept me firm and grounded and I gained resiliency through their guidance and wisdom adding more peace to my daily life. Their approach to all situations in life are constructive and most importantly they provide you with the tools to be more aligned and centered in your life. I strongly recommend the services of these two individuals as their services should not be missed!"

- Mike Bernknopf, Owner: Body Bern Fitness, Certified Personal Trainer and Certified Nutritionist

"Before committing to the Quantum Leap Coaching Program it was challenging for me to see myself in a positive light. It was difficult for me to prioritize what was truly important to me in both my personal and professional lives. I knew I wanted my life to change but I did not know how to go about doing it. Once I made the commitment, my life began to change. Coaching assisted me to realize that I am worth more and it was time for me to finally be happy with myself and focus on what is important to me. I also learned how to prioritize time for myself, create healthier habits and allow love into my life. I believe, if there is a commitment, the Quantum Leap Coaching Program can transform and awaken anyone into the person they are meant to be. I could not have made the bold choices and life changes necessary without the guidance of The Possibility Coaches." 

- Angela Reckner, Administrative Director for the Office of the President, Delaware Valley University

"Business Coaching with The Possibility Coaches was the best decision we ever made. We wouldn’t even be in business today if it wasn’t for Jon and Chris.

Prior to coaching with Jon and Chris, as business owners, we struggled with cash flow, client follow-up, building our staff, getting new accounts, time management, and employee morale.

We saw results after our first coaching session with Jon and Chris! We now have a productive and motivated staff. Incredibly, despite a bad economy, we doubled our business in one year. The Possibility Coaches have opened doors for our company that we never knew existed!"

- Marc Mancinelli and Scott Paul, Owners: Mancinelli & Paul Builders

"I'm sitting out in the woods with my two dogs and reflecting on the past Quantum Leap Coaching sessions. When I came to the Possibility Coaches I was a stressed mess with little direction , or maybe a lot of direction, but no idea on how to get to where I wanted to be. Since coaching with you, by some mad method of acceptance I have risen to the top tier of sales people in my organization. I took two top awards for performance and by some strange level of existence have watched some of the other sales guys I worked with either quit or be 'counseled out' of their positions.

On a stranger note, I have been singled out and fast tracked on a path to upper management. That in itself was a very strange experience, but based on our conversations, I pretty much accepted it as a gift for wherever it takes me and I'm along for the ride. Pretty interesting as I never in my life thought that I would wind up here doing what I do at the level I do it. But here I am. I enjoy it on some typical New Yorker level.

So I am sitting here in the woods as I like to do, listening to the wind in the leaves and the smells that go with it and the peace. The peace that you and I talked so many times about. No, I don't have it all of the time, and I don't have it most of the time, but I certainly can find it some of the time, and for me, that is enough. So I deeply thank you for that. This life I have, for right here, right now, in this moment is perfect and your coaching has a lot to do with that. Honestly, it has everything to do with that!"

- Tom Devine, Sales Manager, Horizon Services

"It didn’t take long for me to understand that coaching with Jon and Chris provided insights, direction and gave me the freedom to share my own challenges and recognize my responsibilities in dealing with them. I felt sufficiently comfortable to share thoughts, feelings and emotions. Jon and Chris are quite remarkable as leaders and coaches. I learned a great deal in the time spent together; most of all, discovering different perspectives on my life’s issues.

Like any above competent professionals, they knew exactly how to create the specific subjects and what questions to ask. Their insights are astonishing and provided me with areas of growth and change that had never occurred to me...for me! They are truly spiritual and practical professionals. Thank you both for an excellent experience – I learned a lot from your guidance and wisdom."

- Dr. Yvonne Kaye, Therapist, Author, Radio Show Host​​

"I originally sought out a Success Coach because I wanted to understand what was blocking me from taking my life, finances and relationships to the next level.

As I coached with Jon and Chris, I not only got a sense of my limiting beliefs, I got something much more than I ever expected.  I experienced a paradigm shift for my life that created a sense of meaning and purpose. I now have a completely different mindset and awareness.

The whole experience has been quite cathartic. I look forward to my continued relationship with both Jon and Chris. You truly walk your talk. Thank you!"

 - Garry Newman, Realtor, Realty One Group Supreme

"I enrolled in one of The Possibility Coaches programs to see what's out there to assist people and companies in the areas of stress management and the power of positive thinking. I was also seeking ways to effectively create changes in my team for greater productivity. I got just what I was looking for. I learned that a strong mind and body connection can make me a better manager.

They were articulate, thorough and engaging. I believe other teams would benefit from their programs, especially persons in high-stress positions."

 - Christopher Ruffino, Managing Director, Societe Generale, Corporate and Investment Banking

"After my divorce, I felt like my life was over. Then a friend referred me to The Possibility Coaches’ Quantum Leap Coaching Program. From the very first session I knew my life was going to change dramatically.

Coaching with Chris and Jon, helped me realize I was living in a self-imposed prison. They showed me that the ‘key’ was in my hand the whole time. In a very short period of time, I learned how to have better relationships in my roles as a mother, daughter, sister, co-worker, friend, and person. It is with life changing confidence that I would highly recommend coaching with Jon and Chris."

 - Amy Pressman, Project Manager

"Jon and Chris you definitely made a difference in my life! It has been a blessing and an honor for me to connect with you.

The Possibility Coaches assisted me to experience healthier relationships, possess leadership skills and provided me with growth as a human being and as an entrepreneur. When I would run up against an obstacle, they would ask, listen, and ask... leading me to uncover the true obstacle. Knowing the true obstacle allowed me to move beyond it far more quickly.

If you  have the opportunity to coach with Jon and Chris, do it!"

 - ​Marty Lehman, Attorney

"I am exceedingly grateful for the opportunity to have Jon and Chris as coaches. They have a calm, relaxed, straight-forward approach that helped me realize that anything is possible if I choose.  Jon and Chris provide practical tools and methods that can be applied immediately in the real world.

Nothing esoteric here! No time is wasted getting to the heart of the matter--defining success for oneself and applying the tools.

Their methodology flows so naturally and the new skills build so quickly, I saw changes in myself and the world around me almost instantaneously! I highly recommend The Possibility Coaches for anyone looking to take their relationships and their life to the next level."

 - Dori Corr, Screenplay Writer