Group Coaching Mastermind


Group Coaching Mastermind

6 Week Virtual Group Program with Jon and Chris

A new group starts September 2024

The purpose of group coaching is to create healthy solutions. So bring your goals and intentions, concerns and challenges to this safe space. Together, everyone achieves more!

Why a Group Coaching Mastermind?

Did you ever hear the saying "two heads are better than one?"  That's the benefit of a group! Lots of ideas. Different perspectives. More solutions! Everyone receives the benefits from the group environment. As a group, we assist each other to get where we want to be faster than being on our own.

During challenging and changing times like this, connecting with others is so important. You may be feeling disappointment, fear, frustration or just plain stuck in your life, relationships, or business. The intent of the group is to assist one another to rise above these challenges to create solutions.

Join Jon and Chris for this Six Week Group Coaching Mastermind Program designed to help you get clear about what you really want in your relationships and your life. You will find connection, collaboration and comradery here!

This highly experiential group approach to self-empowerment can create massive shifts and positive results over a short period of time, in a safe and nurturing space where the energy of the group amplifies your intentions.

Imagine How Different Your Life Could Be If You: 

  • Treated yourself like you are your own best friend.
  • Attracted healthier situations, events and relationships into your life.
  • Got the results you want in your personal and/or professional life.
  • Felt more fulfilled in all your relationships and in your endeavors.
  • Created balance, purpose and meaning in your life.
  • Got unstuck and out of your rut.
  • Made the changes you desire in your life.
  • ​Navigated with more ease through challenges and transitions in your life such as: relationship issues, divorce, midlife, career changes, life's situations.

Participating in a Group Coaching Mastermind Program with Jon and Chris provides you with the guidance that assists you to: 

  • Get to the heart of what you REALLY want, and WHY you want it.
  • Heal your relationships, past and present.
  • Gain Greater self-confidence and self-awareness.
  • Learn to be more present, available, and real with others.
  • Make new friends and colleagues, expand your network and your circle of influence.
  • ​Discover techniques to let go of self-limiting beliefs and thought patterns.
  • Accomplish your goals in less time by having the accountability and support you need.
  • Live more fully, love more openly, and make a difference in your life and the lives of others!

Begin the process of positive change. Join us in this interactive learning and growth experience. 


Next group starts September 2024
6 consecutive Wednesdays.

6:30 to 8pm ET

Join us anywhere in the world virtually by Zoom.
Upon registration, you will be provided with a private Zoom link.

Your investment for this 6 session group is $297.00

Seats are limited and fill up fast. Book early.
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