A new year is your clean slate! As we open a new year, we are each afforded infinite possibilities; the opportunity to make different choices and achieve different results.

A New Year is Your Clean Slate!

If you truly desire the new year to look and feel different than last year, it is important to become aware of your current energetic position and your current emotional perspective.

Your energetic position is your personal orientation in regards to time. Time, in your mind, is either past or future. To be in the present moment, is to be out of your mind. To be out of your mind in this case is a good thing. You want to live in the present moment. Your emotional perspective is determined by your capacity to live from a place of courage or a place of fear. You want to live courageously.

When we live in the past or are anxious about the future, we typically feel low, sapped and depleted energetically. And we typically get the same results we do not want, over and over again.

When we live in the present moment there is a greater tendency to be energetically grounded. We are more connected to our true nature and the world around us. We are more willing to trust each moment as it comes. We are essentially freeing ourselves from the negativity of our past and are being pulled in the direction of our future. This is what is called our ‘destiny.’

Each of us has a destiny; a future pull so to speak. The speed with which we reach our destiny is determined by the level of our energetic position (how much time we live or do not live in the present moment), and by our emotional perspective (how much time we live in fear or courage).

It takes courage to live each day in the present moment. Before courage; however, we must consciously choose to be free of the past: energetically and emotionally.

One of the quickest ways to live in the NOW is to get in-touch with our bodies. This allows us to feel the Power that lives within us. Conscious awareness of this power automatically allows us to experience presence.

Meditation, yoga and being out in nature are just some of the ways we can learn to live in the present moment. Right NOW is the only time we each have. The NOW is also the portal to your brighter, happier and joyous future.

As you embark on a new calendar year decide to become more present, more of the time. Letting go of the past is the one step you can take to create a different future. Your future is calling you now! Last year is history; a bundle of memories in your mind. This year is your clean slate. It is your time to free yourself of the past if that is what you truly desire. Let us know if it is. We would love to hear from you about the results you want to achieve this year!

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Written by Jon Satin.
Jon Satin along with Chris Pattay are The Possibility Coaches™
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