Back to School. It’s that time of year again. Back to the classroom for the younger set.

Back to School

There is no doubt that this year is going to be more stressful than usual due to the pandemic. Let’s have compassion for: teachers, administrators, school bus drivers, parents, and especially for the children!

Fortunately for the two of us, when we went back to school, we didn’t have to deal with a pandemic. However, going back to school was still a bit stressful. We can’t speak for you, but when we were both kids, this was a time of dread. We laugh about it now, yet back in the day, it seemed no fate could be worse to befall us than the first day of a new school year.

Nowadays, we are a lot older and a lot wiser, yet still young at heart. The truth is, there is a school where we are all perpetual students: The School of Life.

As we each evolve spiritually, sometimes it appears and feels like the classes and curriculum are getting more difficult. Sound familiar? The exams in these “classes” cannot be studied for nor can the answers be memorized.

In the School of Life the true exam is taken internally. As we each face life’s challenges that arise, a passing grade ultimately has specific “requirements.” These “requirements” cannot be taught. They must, however, be experienced. And the truth is, no one can take these exams for us.

There is no cheating and no cliff notes. The answers to all of life’s examinations are already within each of us.

On numerous occasions and far too many than we can count, we learned Life’s lessons the hard way by being hit on the head (figuratively speaking). We both finally learned that to raise the odds in our favor to passing Life’s lessons, we must each possess a particular set of traits and characteristics. These traits and characteristics are as follows:

1. Trust: in yourself and in a Higher Power. Whatever that may be, it’s personal to you.

2. Patience: that everything unfolds naturally and on its’ own time schedule.

3. Intent: behind every action you take is the desire to always be the best you can give the world.

4. Fortitude: a resilience and power that keeps you grounded and moving forward so you and everyone else can experience the most of your greatness.

5. Detachment: from outcomes and people by treating all situations, experiences, and people, be it positive or negative in nature, with compassion and understanding.

These are the fundamentals that will accelerate your learning curve as a student enrolled in the School of Life. The lazy, hazy days of Summer are coming to a close.

Welcome back fellow students and teachers! School is now in session, and we are here to assist you to accelerate your learning curve.

If you are having some challenges re-emerging back into society during and after the pandemic contact us for a complimentary Life Coaching session. This is for you if you’ve never experienced a coaching session with us before.

May you and your loved ones be well and stay healthy.

Jon Satin and Chris Pattay – The Possibility Coaches™
©Possibility Coaches, LLC

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