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Success Stories with The Possibility Coaches

Let Jon and Chris assist you to become the next success story!

"When I first came to the Possibility Coaches as a newly divorced mother, I believed that I was not worthy of success, happiness and a fulfilling life.  For my entire life I had felt like I was playing “small” and not being true to myself.

As a result of coaching with The Possibility Coaches, I learned that the challenges I was experiencing were part of my journey towards my personal growth. Through coaching, I developed an awareness of where these negative thoughts and beliefs came from. By letting go of the past I was able to begin to connect  to my true self. Jon and Chris taught me that thoughts are not facts. The simplicity of that knowledge has catapulted me towards a sustained sense of empowerment. One of the additional positive outcomes of their coaching was that I became the #1 salesperson in my company. Thank you Jon and Chris! I am eternally grateful!"

- Sara Mogil, Long Term Care Sales Specialist

"I attended a Possibility Coaches event in search of something different and that's just what I got.

The experience was perfect. I received a fresh perspective and realistic applications for everyday life. Attending this event is a great way to rejuvenate, restart and retrain your mind." 

- Chris C, Market Manager Managing Director Philadelphia Major Market
Wells Fargo Advisors Investment Banking

"The most bitter pill to take away from my divorce was admitting that my bad choice of partner was simply an indicator of how little I loved and respected myself - it was time to change all that! After attending one of Chris and Jon’s workshops, I knew I had found the perfect cocoon where I could heal and transform.

With their Quantum Leap Coaching, they masterfully provide a warm space of acceptance and non-judgment empowering me to forgive myself, uncover and challenge limiting beliefs, and find inner peace embracing my authentic self.

It has been a tremendous time of growth for me thanks to you being who you are and helping me to stand for who I am.”

- Pat Governale, Divorce Coach, M.S.

"We have known Jon and Chris for many years, not only as business associates, but also as our Coaches and Mentors. Both have such great warmth and wit! Jon and Chris lead by example. They deliver straight from the heart, with truth, integrity and wisdom. Both will direct you on a journey that will inspire you to live with more passion and pursue your desires with more conviction.

They have taught us to implement life strategies for success, build relationships, stretch creativity and thinking beyond ourselves, use practical strategies in the development of emotional and mental freedom, support in finding our inner balance and lastly, assisted us with the development of leadership skills in all areas of life."

- Joyce and Dick Donahue,  Entrepreneurs

"Before I began my Quantum Leap Coaching sessions, I carried around a lot of guilt about choices I had made in the past. I also had very little faith in myself. The choice to divorce my husband after 14 years of marriage and leaving my 4 children caused me to feel like I wasn’t being the kind of mother that my children really needed.

As a result of my personal coaching sessions, I realized that I don’t need anyone's approval but my own and I did the best I could under the circumstances. I know that my work with The Possibility Coaches has given me the tools, the strength and the support that I need to finally get off that hamster wheel and make the positive changes that have empowered me to let go, trust in the unknown, and most of all, believe in & love myself for the first time in my life."

- Liz Cellucci, Realtor, RE/MAX

"Chris and Jon have expanded my knowledge of spiritual growth and awareness in the time that I coached with them. I learned about letting go of limiting beliefs, embracing new challenges and initiating things that previously seemed exceptionally difficult. Prior to coaching, I had struggles with my relationships, finding myself and my place in society.

I had a massive revelation that my thinking was not only limited to just myself, but had been mirrored in the thoughts and actions of others in my life as well. When noticing and embracing this new found acceptance, I was able to find a new sense of accomplishment, and self-satisfaction that I had never experienced before."

- Curtis Muska, Plumber

"I’m very grateful that I have the opportunity and privilege to coach with Chris and Jon. They are truly a blessing to me. The coaching and mentoring that they have provided continues to assist me in my personal growth and the growth of my business.

The genuine and heartfelt guidance that they so generously provide has assisted in my transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Their professional, yet relaxed manner, has taught me to have fun and enjoy the process of building my business. They are a delight to collaborate with!"

- Rosanne Grijalva, Owner: All Natural Health and Wellness

"Coaching with Jon and Chris taught me that personal growth is a process. It is a series of revelations that build upon each other until one day you discover that the person who you thought you were is no longer there and a new and improved model has emerged. When an individual is engaged in such a metamorphous, it is important to have someone in your corner who is always encouraging – someone with whom to celebrate the small victories when no one else seems to care, someone to rely on who will always be there during your process, no matter how it unfolds.

That is what Jon and Chris have been to me, champions for my cause. And, early on when self-doubt was all I knew, I had a sudden realization one day, that Jon and Chris believed in me. I don’t remember what in particular was said and maybe it was nothing in particular, perhaps it was even nonverbal. I only know that I felt quite surprised by this awareness because I had never experienced it before in my life. It was a crossroads in my journey because I reasoned, if Jon and Chris believed in me, then maybe I really could succeed and maybe, just maybe, I could believe in myself."

- Crystal Garner, Professional Photographer

"Have you ever wondered why you did something or maybe why you haven’t? I know I have. The Possibility Coaches have a unique and effective way of uncovering the answers to those questions and more. Working with them has helped me see and do things that I was blocking myself from doing.

Their coaching has also helped in my every day and family life as well. If you’re looking to improve your relationships, either in business or personal, I highly recommend Possibility Coaches. I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me!"

- Bill Rowe, Entrepreneur and Internet Marketing Specialist

"Jon and Chris create a safe and relaxed environment, and I know they truly listened to me with patience, compassion, and understanding.  Jon and Chris helped me to pull through during times of uncertainty in my life.

Their knowledge and expertise guided me on my journey from relationship problems to a happy relationship that resulted in marriage! 

They also gave me practical tools and taught me how to apply them to my life and my relationship.  Jon and Chris really put their heart into their coaching. Their coaching empowered me to know my true potential.  This has made a huge difference in my life.  Jon and Chris, you couldn't have come to my life at the better time!"

- Klaudia Zmigrodzka